The Miami luxury Real Estate segment is a worldwide reference as a true laboratory for novelties in luxury condos. The infrastructure that the new condos in Miami has is often unbelievable. It is not just a matter of offering residents a ballroom, swimming pool or games room. Florida developers have gone much further! How about having an ice skating platform in your building? Or an indoor mini golf course? Keep reading and find out some amazing amenities you may found only in Miami:

1 – Porsche Design Tower – Sunny Isles Beach

Let’s start with the famous Porsche Design Tower, located on the elegant and noble island of Sunny Isles Beach. The project, designed by developer Gil Dezer in partnership with the renowned brand Porsche Design, revolutionized the real estate sector in the world by developing a high-tech car elevator. The feature, called “Dezervator” (named after Gil Dezer), allows the owner to park the car inside the residence. It is like a sky-house. Each apartment has its own garage.

Car lift in the Porsche Design Tower: The so-called Dezervator is a high-tech elevator that transports residents inside the car to the apartments.
Car elevator at the Porsche Design Tower: The so-called Dezervator is a high-tech elevator that transports residents inside the car to the apartments.

In addition to being practical, it gives residents privacy. Many of them are famous people, like soccer star Lionel Messi.

The Porsche Tower in Sunny Isles Beach is an oceanfront condo and each apartment has its own balcony with a private pool. Residents also have access to a spa, restaurant inside the condominium and a very modern and realistic car racing simulator.

2 – The Ritz-Carlton Residences – Miami Beach

Residents of The Ritz Carlton in Miami Beach don’t have to worry about traffic from the airport to their fancy residences. The luxury condo offers an air and sea transportation service through a helipad in the middle of the sea. Exclusive residents can arrive in Miami with their private jets and then board a helicopter to their luxury residences at The Ritz-Carlton in Miami Beach.

3 – Paramount Miami World Center

It wasn’t just David Beckham, with his new team in the Major League, who contributed to local soccer in Miami. The Paramount Miami World Center luxury condo, located within the mixed-use Miami World Center complex in Downtown, built a soccer field “in the sky”. That’s right! The course is on the 9th floor of the tower in an area reserved for outdoor sports designed in the building. The Paramount condominium was recently delivered in Miami.

Paramount Soccer Field

But it is not just the football field that impresses the condo. There is also a revolutionary air transport service project exclusive to residents via drone !! That’s right ….. it’s not about helicopters or private jets, which would already be something super luxurious. It is bold, revolutionary and unprecedented. Residents will be able to enter the condominium arriving by means of a manned drone that lands on the roof, where there will also be a “sky lobby”. Watch the video:

4 – The Estates at Acqualina

Again on Sunny Isles Beach, The Estates at Acqualina waterfront condo offers unique and exclusive amenities to its residents. Among them: ice skating rink, bowling, golf simulator, surf simulator and much more. The Estates at Acqualina innovated the Kids room concept by bringing services to children and teenagers never seen before in condominiums.

5 – Palazzo della Luna Sunny Isles Beach

Palazzo della Luna is the last condo delivered to Miami’s exclusive Fisher Island. The island was once considered the richest Zip-Code (CEP) in the world. Residents at Palazzo della Luna will be able to enjoy a beach built with sand imported from the Bahamas! What about?

Palazzo della Luna - Fisher Island Miami

6 – 1010 Brickell

The 1010 Brickell offers one of the most complete amenity packages among luxury condos in Miami. Among them: Panel for urban climbing, bowling, indoor basketball, a network of mesh activities, virtual golf and air hockey. These are just some of the amenities available for kids and teenagers. For adults, there are also two swimming pools, an outdoor race track with impact absorption, squash, a large fitness center and a spa that includes a Turkish bath, hot and cold plunge pools, steam sauna, sauna, aromatherapy rooms. and private treatment areas.

1010 Brickell

7 – Regalia Miami

Regalia Miami is a contemporary residential oceanfront masterpiece featuring characteristics that have never been constructed in any Miami, Florida, skyscraper. The building is a revolution in Sunny Isles Real Estate oceanfront segment. The Regalia Miami design appears as if the wind has sculpted the building into a very organic shape and the waves of the ocean have become a building.

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