Imagine moving into your beautiful new apartment in a building tricked out with all sorts of plush amenities in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. Sure, moving would be a nightmare, and you wouldn’t be able to use any of those amenities or common areas for an unspecified amount of time, per pandemic rules, but at least you’d have a brand new pad to quarantine in, right?

That’s what’s happening at Gio Midtown, previously known as Midtown 6. Reported The Big Bubble Miami.

Developed by Magellan Development Group, the 447-unit rental building started pre-leasing in January. Publicists announced they received their Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (which basically means it’s more-or-less-done and people can legally start moving in) on April 15th as rates of COVID-19 infection were rapidly increasing, and Miamians were hunkering down en masse. Heck, most of South Florida had already been shut down for a month by then.

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Midtown Miami Apartment Tower Welcomes First Residents Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

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