INSIDEHOOK – Miami has become one of the most sought after locations of America’s wealthiest and most visible people. They come from New York and California in search of a better quality of life and a tax-friendly environment. One of the most desired communities in Miami is Indian Creek, which features only 30 residences and has a team of 13 police, who patrol the island by foot and by boat to protect the community’s wealthy inhabitants. There is no public bridge to the island, so its manicured environs are expressly the domain of those who can afford to own a piece of it.

Indian Creek is part of the richest zip code in Florida, together with Fisher Island, and among the most expensive places to live in the country. And while it hasn’t always been a major celebrity island, it has been a hub for people seeking extreme privacy, and among the exclusive gated communities in Florida currently seeing a boom.

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What’s So Great About Indian Creek Island, Anyway?
Indian Creek – Source: Google Maps
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