North of Orlando, in a charming little town called Winter Park, is a wine store (or is it a cellar?) Called The Wine Room. Forget everything you’ve seen about wine shops, cellars and tastings! The Wine Room is the Disney of wines! Through a high-tech self-service system, the customer can taste a variety of up to 150 wine labels from around the world. The most interesting thing is that the doses are bought in machines, as in coffee machines! How? That’s right! You pass the card through the machine, choose the dose size and go! The dose is deposited in your cup. And in this smart way you can go out and taste the labels you want in the store.

So if you are looking for attractions in Orlando besides the parks, visiting The Wine Room in Winter Park might be a great suggestion.

The machines are imported from Italy and have technology to maintain the main properties and tannins of the wine. Did you like the wine you tasted? The bottle is right there, on the shelf, so you can buy it and take it home. Really a practical and smart way to choose the ideal wine. The Wine Room also sells sparkling wines and local beers, in addition to offering one of the largest varieties of cold cuts in Florida. Unmissable!

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The Wine Room Winter Park
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