While many neighborhoods in Miami are on their way to becoming a new “South Beach”, with all the hype and urban life, others maintain elegance and prefer to preserve the residential and reserved atmosphere. That is the case of Sunny Isles Beach, north of Miami, also known as the Florida Riviera.

Sunny Isles is an island that belongs to Miami-Dade. Its tranquil beaches with crystal clear waters and fine sands gave the place the name “Florida Riviera.” And even at a time when the trend in the Miami Real Estate market seems to be attentive to the movements of the new generation of millennials, with small apartments for rent, Sunny Isles Beach keeps its elegance and continues to offer the most luxurious buildings in the world.

Sunny Isles Beach Miami don't lose its elegance

In the past few years the behavior of the global buyer has changed and the luxury market has lost space for rental projects, mainly for short-term rentals. Several projects in Miami were launched following the mixed-use trend, which mixes, in the same space, residential, hotel, commercial units, among other types. In this new trend, the units are not large. They are generally smaller in size and formatted for efficient rental. The goal is to generate income. In addition, the new generation of millennials does not value large apartments, nor do they want to buy, prefer to rent. In this context, many luxury neighborhoods in Miami have undergone a major transformation. This was not the case with Sunny Isles Beach

In the post-subprime crisis, Sunny Isles Beach emerged in Miami with its ultra-luxury oceanfront condos. The most recent building delivered is The Ritz Carlton Residences, and just before it, The Residences by Armani Casa.

Ritz and Armani are not the only condos on the island associated with a renowned worldwide brand. The most famous one in this regard is the Porsche Design Tower. The association with the Porsche Design brand and the technology used in the construction of this luxury oceanfront tower is, without a doubt, the most daring project of developer Gil Dezer, owner of Dezer development, who also built Armani Residences.

Porsche Design Tower revolutionized Sunny Isles Beach Real Estate market by offering owners a car elevator, the so-called Dezervator (named after Gil Dezer). The feature allows the owner to park their fancy cars inside the apartment. 

Porsche Design Tower Sunny Isles

“In addition to the luxury and convenience, parking the car inside the residence brings unique privacy,” says Heloisa Arazi, owner of AMG Realty. “It is as if the owner lived in a house in the sky,” adds Heloisa. “Owners may come and go, inside their cars, without being seen,” she explains. It is not surprising that several celebrities and public figures have already bought a unit at the Porsche Design Tower.

Dezervator is just one of the most luxurious features of the building. It also offers a private pool on the balcony of each apartment.

New luxury towers are already under construction, and others are under design on the island. Sunny Isles Beach seems to have been immune to new trends in the Florida Real Estate industry and remains to value luxury, comfort, and exclusivity.

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